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Protect your investment with a seal coating professionally applied by Clover Paving. We apply a latex based coal tar pitch emulsion fortified with a latex rubber additive and sand.  This coating has an outstanding resistance to water seepage, which is the leading cause of expensive pothole and crack repairs. Seal coating your asphalt also protects it from weathering, petroleum spills and oxidation from the sun
New parking lots or repairs, Clover will take care of your paving needs. We construct new parking areas, additional and repave or overlay existing asphalt surfaces.  The people at Clover are also experts in cut and patch repair of broken areas of pavement including potholes and spider-web cracked areas. These areas are cut square beyond the damage, excavated and repaved with a basecoat binder and asphalt topcoat.  Clover will provide free pavement analysis and a long-term maintenance plan for your property.
Cracks allow water penetration, which erodes the base of your parking lot.  Clover cleans all cracks with pressurized air and seals them with a hot applied rubberized joint sealant that exceeds federal highway specifications.

Sealing of cracks in asphalt using 400f. rubber crack sealer pressure applied

We can repair damaged pavement by reheating, raking and rolling existing damaged paved areas.

Repairs of damaged asphalt using Infrared technology to reheat existing asphalt to a "workable" temperature and repaving that section after adding fresh asphalt

The look of a stone driveway with the durability of paving.  3/8" crush stone rolled into hot liquid asphalt over payment.

Clover Paving services the southeastern MA & Cape Cod areas.  If you are unsure as to whether you are within our range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Clover Paving, Driveways Sealcoat | Cape Cod, Falmouth, Woods Hole.  Serving Cape Cod, MA

Clover Paving, Driveways Sealcoat: Provides multiple services for all commercial & residential paving needs. Serving Cape Cod, MA

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